Speed Test

For the best results make sure that you do not have any other internet applications such as a web browser, Instant Messenger or any downloads running at the same time. Also ensure that you have only one computer plugged in to your modem or router at the time of testing your speed.

Your throughput speed can be affected by a number of factors including:

  • Your plan
  • Your computer
  • Congestion on the network
  • Whether you’re sharing your broadband connection with others in your home


If you are on Wireless broadband then other factors include:

  • Your location or distance from the Wireless Cell Site
  • The strength and quality of your wireless signal


If you are on fixed line DSL broadband then other factors include:

  • Your modem/router, cable, and microfilter
  • Congestion on the phone exchange
  • Your phone line
  • Your location or distance from the telephone exchange


Throughput speed is limited by the physical maximum speed of your phone line or your wireless signal and can vary throughout the day. You can check your speed using the 9 Netwroks Speed Test below or by going to the SPEEDTEST.NET website.