About Us

Not many of you are aware that most ISP (Internet Service Provider) in Cambodia are giving you a shared connection. What that mean is your connection is being shared among the other users on the same line. What happens next is during high traffic hours (All the users on your connection start using the internet at the same time) your connect is very slow. You can do a speed test and it shows only the bandwidth of the connection. What it doesn’t show is how many people are using that connection.

About Us

Nine was founded in 2008 under Cambodian Law.
We offers:

  • Wireless broadband, which it provides through its own independent wireless network.
  • Fixed line broadband, which it provides through wholesale partnerships.

Nine’s wireless internet products are the most price competitive available on the market. The wireless network is based on our High Speed Wireless Networks in Phnom Penh and Vientiane, providing coverage to more than 6 million households

Open and honest approach to customer service

Nine’s head offices, sales and support team are centrally based in Phnom Penh and Vientiane. Nine constantly receive accolades for their great customer service.

Looking to the future

As new data hungry devices, such as iPads, continue to provide impetus to the worldwide demand for broadband, Nine believe their network and spectrum are well placed to benefit from the global deployment of 4G networks. Those 4G networks are seen as complementary to fibre rollouts.